Whether you're consolidating multiple loads or expediting refrigerated goods, intermodal shipping offers a lower-cost and time-competitive alternative to highway transportation. Our relationship with all major North American railroads creates a power network of transcontinental shipping routes that moves your freight efficiently, with reduced handling and delays.

Intermodal solutions can be offered for:

  • One-year contract rates with equipment guarantees

  • One-time spot rates

  • Project Rates


  • MX Solutions is committed to finding the optimal intermodal connections to get your freight to its destination from coast-to-coast with ease.
  • Our intermodal freight transport network ensures efficient solutions for your shipping needs by 40' and 53' intermodal equipment.
  • By transferring your truckload freight to rail, your reduce your greenhouse gas emissions by 75%, moving one ton of freight 480 miles on one gallon of fuel.
As an IMC, MX has access to more than 90,000 rail-owned containers that operate on a fine-tuned schedule. MX has Tier-1 agreements with all North American railroads that offer the capacity, rates, and routes to meet your service requirements in every lane.
Trailer on Flat Car 
The efficiencies of TOFC provide real cost savings compared to long-haul truckload shipping. MX's trailer fleet is rail ready for easy transition from OTR and allows for access to expedited rail services. MX can flex in-containers to provide capacity using our network partner draymen.
Cross-Border Solutions
MX Solutions provides coverage for inbound, outbound, and intra-Mexico, and inbound, outbound, and intra-Canada. MX Logistics maintains strong relationships with trans-loading operations at the border and at ports across the country.


  • TOFC
  • COFC
  • Cross-Border
  • Climate Control
  • Consolidated LTL
  • Steamship Repo