I remember as a small boy getting in a semi-truck for the first time.  It was a white Kenworth day cab with a blue stripe and when it started, I was hooked.  The sound of the motor, the gauges and the pop of the air lines left me feeling that I was in a space shuttle.  It is true that diesel can get in your blood, I am living proof of it.  On my 18th birthday, I was not eating cake or buying cigarettes, but rather beginning orientation at that same LTL carrier.

When I began driving that hostling tractor it felt like everything that I had wanted.  The nights hooking sets and meeting drivers from all over the region was an exercise in humanity.  The friendships I made and stories I heard are memories that I cherish.

Market Express was founded on this core principle of RESPECT.  In a land of trucking companies who tend to care more about having their last name on as many trucks as possible, we seek to be different.  To be a company that is loyal, fair, and responsible.  A company that cares about the name of the person in the truck.

To the many truck drivers that allow us to be a civilization that is without compare; we say thank you.  You are the nighttime re-stock, the just in time, the replenishment, the buffer stock, and the rush order.  From the fuel in our tanks to the food in our bellies, it is because of you.  You deserve not only our respect, but also the admiration of a grateful nation.


Safe travels from your friends at MX.

-Nick Campos

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